HDCZ10000 Twin-lens 2D/3d Camcorder
Panasonic Replacement Parts
Model Number
Twin-lens 2D/3d Camcorder
Panasonic manufactures Lumix Digital Cameras and Lenses, 3D HD Camcorders, Blu-Ray Players, Headphones, Appliances, Shavers, Beauty products, TVs and other consumer electronics. The Panasonic brand name was created in 1955 and was first used as a brand for audio speakers. It is a combination of the words, "Pan", and "Sonic", sound and has a meaning of bringing sound our Company creates to the world. Since 2008, it is used as the corporate brand representing the Company, products and services. Panasonic is committed to creating a better life and a better world, continuously contributing to the evolution of society and to the happiness of people around the globe.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
VYK5U41Panasonic 3D Lens Unit
VSK0726APanasonic Ac Adaptor E,gc
VSK0723APanasonic Ac Adaptor Gk
Panasonic Ac Adaptor PY
K2CT39A00002Panasonic Ac Cable E,gc
K2CQ29A00002Panasonic Ac Cable E,gc
K2CJ29A00002Panasonic Ac Cable Gc
K2CA2YY00070Panasonic Ac Cable Gk
Panasonic Ac Cable PY
Panasonic Ac Cable PY
VPK5145Panasonic Accessory Box
VGU0K96Panasonic Audio Vr Knob
VPF1294Panasonic Bag, Polyethylene
VMP0C65Panasonic Ball Spacer
VMB4561Panasonic Ball Spring
VGQ9343Panasonic Barrier C
VWJ2294Panasonic Battery Catcher Ffc
VEP01A61APanasonic Battery Catcher P.c.b. Unit
DE-A88DC/SPanasonic Battery Charger E,gc
DE-A88CB/SPanasonic Battery Charger Gk
DE-A88BB/SPanasonic Battery Charger P
VMP0B68Panasonic Belt Angle R
VFF0888-SPanasonic Cd-rom Gk
VFF0887-SPanasonic Cd-rom P,e,gc
VFF0879Panasonic Cd-rom(o/i) E
VFF0880Panasonic Cd-rom(o/i) Gc
VGU0L55Panasonic Convergence Dial
VWJ2297Panasonic Convergence Ffc
VGQ1A18Panasonic Cooling Sheet L
VGQ1A19Panasonic Cooling Sheet S
VPN7317Panasonic Cushion(bottom)
VPN7316Panasonic Cushion(top)
L6FAYYYD0028Panasonic Dc Fan Motor
VGQ1A15Panasonic Dial Holder
VEP20D93APanasonic Dial P.c.b. Unit
VGL1402Panasonic Diffusion Sheet
VKM9718Panasonic Evf Case B
VKM9717Panasonic Evf Case T
VWJ2298Panasonic Evf Fpc
VDL1906Panasonic Evf Lens
VGQ1A23Panasonic Evf Lens Holder
L5EDDYY00171Panasonic Evf Module
VGQ1A22Panasonic Evf Module Holder
VEP29233APanasonic Evf P.c.b. Unit
VKW3527Panasonic Evf Panel
VGQ1A21Panasonic Evf Pcb Holder
VXD0623Panasonic Evf Shaft Unit
VGU0K97Panasonic Evf Slide Lever
VWK0194Panasonic Evf Slim Wire Unit
Panasonic Evf Wire Guide
VMG2030Panasonic Eye Cup
VGQ1A72-1Panasonic Fpc Bridge Sheet
VGQ1A07Panasonic Fpc Hold Piece
VYK5K85Panasonic Frame/rear(1) Unit
VYK5G85Panasonic Front Case L Unit
VYK5G86Panasonic Front Case R Unit
VKM9703Panasonic Front Case T
VYC1074Panasonic Grip Belt
VKM9699Panasonic Grip Case
VGQ1B93Panasonic Grip Case Al Sheet
VKM9711Panasonic Handle Case B
VYK5H10Panasonic Handle Case L Unit
VMP0B81Panasonic Handle Mount Plate
VWJ2290Panasonic Handle Op A Ffc
VWJ2291Panasonic Handle Op B Ffc
Panasonic Handle Op P.c.b. Unit
VWK0195Panasonic Handle Slim Wire Unit
VYK5H18Panasonic Handle T (1)Unit
VEP03J39APanasonic Hdmi Fpc Unit
VKM9709Panasonic Hinge Cover B
VKM9708Panasonic Hinge Cover T
VKM9713-1Panasonic Lcd Case B
VKM9712-2Panasonic Lcd Case T
VMP0B78Panasonic Lcd Frame
VMP0B71Panasonic Lcd Guide Frame
VGQ1A06Panasonic Lcd Guide Holder
VGQ1A04Panasonic Lcd Guide Rail F
VGQ1A05Panasonic Lcd Guide Rail R
VYK5H06Panasonic Lcd Panel Unit
VWJ2284Panasonic Led Ffc
VEP002J6APanasonic Led P.c.b. Unit
VYK5H20Panasonic Lens Cap
VYK5H19Panasonic Lens Cover Unit
VGQ1C86Panasonic Lens Fpc Cushion
VKM9704Panasonic Lens Mask
Panasonic Lever Piece
VGQ1A34Panasonic Lgp Holder
VKW3504Panasonic Light Guide Plate
VHN0382Panasonic M6 Nut
K9ZZ00000886Panasonic Magnet
VEP03J34APanasonic Main P.c.b. Unit
VYK5G94Panasonic Mf Unit
VYC1079Panasonic Mic Holder
Panasonic Mic Holder Adaptor UnitY
VYC1083Panasonic Mic Holder Unit
VYK5H03Panasonic Mic Unit
VWJ2305Panasonic Monitor Fpc
VEP26345APanasonic Monitor P.c.b. Unit
VGQ1C97Panasonic Mos Pcb Cushion
Panasonic Multi D/rca CableY
VQT3U98Panasonic Operating Instructions (English) P (English)
VPG3A84Panasonic Packing Case E,gc
VPG3A83Panasonic Packing Case P
VYQ7196Panasonic Packing Case Unit Gk
VPN7318Panasonic Pad
VPN7319Panasonic Pad(accessory Box)
VGQ1C99Panasonic Photo Cushion
VMP0B69Panasonic Photo Earth Plate
VGU0K86Panasonic Photo Shot Button
VGQ1A90Panasonic Poly Washer
Panasonic Power Ss P.c.b. UnitY
VGL1400Panasonic Prism Sheet(a)
VGL1401Panasonic Prism Sheet(b)
VPF1450Panasonic Protect Bag
VGQ0Z95Panasonic Pw Base
VGU0K87Panasonic Pw Lever
VGU0K88Panasonic Pw Lock Button
VMB4559Panasonic Pw Lock Spring
VGL1404Panasonic Pw Panelight
VSC6398Panasonic Radiation Plate
VMP0B79Panasonic Rear Jack Frame
VGU9988Panasonic Rec Button
VGL1403Panasonic Reflection Sheet
Panasonic Remote Control UnitY
VMP0B80Panasonic Remote Jack Frame
VGU7577Panasonic S/s Button
Panasonic ScrewY
XSB4+6FJKPanasonic Screw
XQN26+B6FJKPanasonic Screw
VHD1919Panasonic Screw
VHD1687Panasonic Screw
XQN14+BJ4FJKPanasonic Screw
XQN16+BJ8FNPanasonic Screw
XQN2+BJ4FNPanasonic Screw
XQS2+A6FJKPanasonic Screw
XQN2+BJ4FJKPanasonic Screw
Panasonic Screw
XQN16+BJ4FNPanasonic Screw
XQN14+B4FNPanasonic Screw
XQN2+B8FJKPanasonic Screw
VHD1402Panasonic Screw
XQN2+BJ12FJKPanasonic Screw
VHD1411Panasonic Screw
XQN2+AJ5FJPanasonic Screw
Panasonic ScrewY
XQN2+B5FJKPanasonic ScrewY
VHD1907Panasonic Screw
VWJ2306Panasonic Sd Fpc
VEP03J35APanasonic Sd Holder P.c.b. Unit
VKW3510Panasonic Sensor Window
VXD0622Panasonic Shaft Unit
Panasonic Shoe Hold PlateY
Panasonic Shoe SpringY
VMP0B82Panasonic Shoulder Belt Angle F
VYK5H12Panasonic Side Case L (1)Unit
VYK5H09Panasonic Side Case R (1)Unit
VWJ2295Panasonic Side R Op Ffc
VEP20D82APanasonic Side R Op P.c.b. Unit
VMP0B84Panasonic Speaker Angle
L0AA02A00112Panasonic Speaker Unit
VDB1769Panasonic Stainless Ball
Panasonic Sub Ss P.c.b. Unit
VWJ2286Panasonic Sub Ss Zoom Ffc
VGU9208Panasonic Sub Zoom Button
VMG1480Panasonic Sub Zoom Button Rubber
VGQ1A17-1Panasonic Sub Zoom Case
VMS8226Panasonic Sub Zoom Shaft
VGH5280Panasonic Sw Knob Sheet
VGL1405Panasonic Tally Panelight
Panasonic Touch Pen
VGQ1A31Panasonic Tp Spacer
VGQ1A44Panasonic Triangle Sheet
VWJ2302Panasonic Usb Av Fpc
VEP03J37APanasonic Usb Av P.c.b. Unit
Panasonic Usb CableY
VGQ1C98Panasonic User Button Sheet
VEE1K90Panasonic Wire
VWJ2293Panasonic Wired Remote Ffc
VEP20D88BPanasonic Wired Remote P.c.b. Unit
Panasonic Xlr CapY
VWJ2287Panasonic Xlr Ffc
VEP04985APanasonic Xlr P.c.b. Unit
VGU0K89Panasonic Xlr Sw Knob A
VGU0K90Panasonic Xlr Sw Knob B
VGQ0Z94Panasonic Zoom Base
Panasonic Zoom Lever
VMT2106Panasonic Zoom Lever Cussion (A)
VMT2107Panasonic Zoom Lever Cussion (B)
VWJ2289Panasonic Zoom Photo Ffc
Panasonic Zoom Photo P.c.b. Unit
VYQ5881Panasonic Zoom Sw Unit