KXPRW120W Telephone
Panasonic Replacement Parts
Model Number
Panasonic manufactures Lumix Digital Cameras and Lenses, 3D HD Camcorders, Blu-Ray Players, Headphones, Appliances, Shavers, Beauty products, TVs and other consumer electronics. The Panasonic brand name was created in 1955 and was first used as a brand for audio speakers. It is a combination of the words, "Pan", and "Sonic", sound and has a meaning of bringing sound our Company creates to the world. Since 2008, it is used as the corporate brand representing the Company, products and services. Panasonic is committed to creating a better life and a better world, continuously contributing to the evolution of society and to the happiness of people around the globe.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
Panasonic Accessory
Panasonic AdapterY
Panasonic Adaptor
PNLA1114ZPanasonic Antenna
PNLA1113ZPanasonic Antenna
PNLA1112ZPanasonic Antenna
PNLA1109ZPanasonic Antenna
Panasonic BatteryY
PNBC1508Z1Panasonic Button
PNKM1491Z1Panasonic Cabinet
PNKF1285Z1Panasonic Cabinet
Panasonic CableY
PNKE1299ZPanasonic Case
PNKE1298ZPanasonic Case
PNKE1296Z1Panasonic Case
J0JCC0000308Panasonic Coil
G1C1N8Z00006Panasonic Coil
G1C1N5Z00007Panasonic Coil
G1C100MA0395Panasonic Coil
K1MY21BA0487Panasonic Connector
PNHX1698ZPanasonic Cover
PNHX1685ZPanasonic Cover
PNHG1181ZPanasonic Cushion
L5EDDYY00532Panasonic Display
PNYNPRWA10WRPanasonic Door
PNKK1082Z1Panasonic Door
Panasonic Extender
PQHA10023ZPanasonic Foot
PNGG1342Z1Panasonic Frame
K5H302Y00003Panasonic Fuse
PNHR1853ZPanasonic Guide
PNHR1851ZPanasonic Guide
PNHR1849ZPanasonic Guide
PNHR1847ZPanasonic Guide
PNWI3RW120HPanasonic Ic
PNWI2RWA10RPanasonic Ic
PNWI2RW120HPanasonic Ic
PNWI1RWA10RPanasonic Ic
PNWI1RW120HPanasonic Ic
C3FBQY000103Panasonic Ic
C1CB00003611Panasonic Ic
Panasonic Ic
J0JDC0000045Panasonic Inductor
G1C6R8MA0203Panasonic Inductor
Panasonic Jack
PNQT2827ZPanasonic Label
Panasonic Label
B3AFB0000570Panasonic Led
PNHN1016ZPanasonic Magnet
L0CBAY000152Panasonic Mic
PNGM1004ZPanasonic Net
H0J207500012Panasonic Oscillator
PNPD1782ZPanasonic Packaging
PNGP1293Z1Panasonic Panel
PNWPRWA10RPanasonic Pc Board
PNWI3RW110HPanasonic Pc Board
PNLB2197Z-1Panasonic Pc Board
PNJT1169ZPanasonic Plate
PNJT1158ZPanasonic Plate
PNJT1157ZPanasonic Plate
PNGT7888ZPanasonic Plate
PNGT7886ZPanasonic Plate
XTB26+8GFJPanasonic Screw
XQH17+BG8FJPanasonic Screw
PNMC1091ZPanasonic Shield
PNMC1033ZPanasonic Shield
PQJJ1T039LPanasonic Socket
PNYE1117YPanasonic Spacer
PNHS1513ZPanasonic Spacer
PNHG1230ZPanasonic Spacer
PNHG1229ZPanasonic Spacer
L0AC01C00004Panasonic Speaker
L0AA02A00119Panasonic Speaker
PQSH1A117ZPanasonic Switch
PNYT1034Z1Panasonic Switch
PNJE1178ZPanasonic Switch
PNHS1530ZPanasonic Tape
PNVE1017ZPanasonic Terminal
PNJC1026ZPanasonic Terminal
PNJC1025ZPanasonic Terminal
PQZZ1CD300EPanasonic Test Tool
PNZZPRW120Panasonic Test Tool
D4DAY220A022Panasonic Thermister
FM6K62010LPanasonic Transistor
DSC7003S0LPanasonic Transistor
B1GBCFYY0020Panasonic Transistor
B1ADGE000012Panasonic Transistor
B1ADCF000040Panasonic Transistor
B1ACGP000008Panasonic Transistor
Panasonic Transistor
B1ABDM000001Panasonic Transistor
2SC6054JSLPanasonic Transistor
2SB1218APanasonic Transistor
J0LE00000047Panasonic Varistor
PNMH1285ZPanasonic Weight